Huevos Ranchero

So earlier this week, the team mates and I went to lunch at Pi Breakfast and Pies (FacebookSpot) on Maginhawa St. in Teachers Village.

My best friend Dante ordered the huevos rancheros, and it was pretty awesome. (Photo by Dante) 

This morning, when we got up for breakfast, I decided I would try and replicate the dish with what ingredients I could find in the kitchen. I had:

  • King Sue luncheon meat (frozen)
  • garlic
  • mushrooms (canned)
  • tomato (one single tomato!)
  • homemade pesto
  • eggs
  • Red Hot Dutch cheese

In olive oil, I sauteed the garlic and the mushrooms, then added the meat. I let that simmer for a few minutes before adding the tomato and a dash of pesto for flavor. Then I turned the flame down really low and added the eggs and the cheese. I covered the pan and let it cook for about a minute, so the egg white cooked a little.

When it was ready, I brought the entire pan to the table, and Oneal and I had for breakfast with rice. There was enough to feed us both! And it was perfect with Sriracha!

Then I Googled the recipe for huevos rancheros, and it turns out what Dante ordered and what I cooked were nothing like huevos rancheros! Whatever, it tasted pretty good!

Next time I’ll try to cook real huevos rancheros, hahaha.

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