I love food! I love new flavors and textures. I love trying out new recipes. I love watching my friends and family enjoy my cooking.

Although I regularly seek out new recipes, fairly often my cooking is sort of accidental. I open the fridge and see what odds and ends have been sitting there for a while. Usually they go in an omelette or baked eggs. Sometimes they end up in pasta. Most of the time they have lots of garlic and cheese.

Of course, accidents like that happen because of the foods I usually buy at the grocery. Our fridge is usually stocked with some sort of cheese, sardines or tuna, eggs and butter. Our pantry usually has mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, pasta, bread crumbs, olive oil and a lot of herbs. We always have whole wheat bread, potatoes and rice. So there’s a lot I could do.

In the picture above, I had leftover sardines and a lonely tomato. With an egg, some garlic and some cheese, it became lunch!

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