Kitten update, one month later

It’s been nearly a month since we took in Samwise Blackheart, Imperator Furriosa and Blondie.

We’ve been feeding them more milk, because they’re growing so fast. Some days we feed them between 50-60 cc of milk! I have to make milk twice a day now. Each time we make milk, we use two full scoops of formula mixed with 120ml of freshly boiled water. We let that cool before we put it in the bottles, and we feed it to them while it’s still a little warm.

A new development: For the past week or so, we noticed that they chew the nipples a lot. Samwise in particular gets really gigil about gnawing the nipple, so much that she’s nibbled holes into three of them! Or was it four? Just today, Blondie broke a nipple too. Those nipples are unusable now. It seemed they were teething, so we decided to start them on soft kitten food. I bought a sachet of Friskies soft kitten food.

Boy, did they go crazy! They pushed the food around the dish at first, but they managed to lick the food up off the dish, and they positively gobbled it up! We’re currently feeding them soft food once a day, and milk twice a day. After feeding I wipe them off with a towel to clean their faces and paws, otherwise they might bite each other in their hungry search for food, haha.

They’re getting bigger and bigger now. Their eyes are no longer those solid dark orbs; now you can distinctly see their pupils and irises, especially in Blondie and Samwise.

When we let them out of the cage, they run around! Or at least they try. They’re still unsteady on their feet, and it’s so funny to see them zooming around the bedroom. Naturally they’re very curious about everything outside their tiny cage, so they explore under the ottoman, under the bed. They even followed me to the bathroom this morning!

Blondie seems the steadiest on her feet, but that’s not really saying much. Sometimes she still topples over sideways or backwards. They try to chase each other or stalk each other, and it’s so comical because they look like absolute darlings.

They also know how to groom themselves now, although I really don’t know how thorough they are. That’s how we figure out if they’re full. If we put them back in the cage and they start grooming, they’re probably full. After grooming, they settle down and start falling asleep.

But we also noticed that they sleep a bit less now. For the first two weeks, they did nothing but eat and sleep, which is pretty normal. Now, they actually spend time playing with each other, whether they’re in the cage or running free. I guess their senses are more developed, so they’re more curious, about the world and each other. We’ve taken to covering their cage with a towel at night, so they don’t see us. If they see us, they meow and they won’t sleep! And if that happens, we’ll never get any sleep!

Oh, silly kittens, and even sillier hoomans.


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