Star Wars weekend

Most people spend their weekends at home, relaxing, maybe tidying up at home, catching up on TV shows, or napping.

We’re not most people. And neither are our friends!

Our weekend started on Thursday, sort of, because we went to SM Mall of Asia for #ForceFriday, the big unveiling of the new Star Wars toys.



Our troopers from the Philippine Garrison of the 501st Legion were there to pull the curtain back from the big “box” of toys.



And we got to see really awesome stuff, like the Sphero BB-8!

I didn’t wear my armor, because they only wanted stormtroopers. So I performed handler duties: watching over the guys in costume, making sure they’re okay or escorting them to the dressing room, keeping the crowds from overwhelming them, and so on. Sometimes we refer to handlers as babysitters or nannies haha. Since all the other officers were in armor, I had to take charge while they were suited up. Handling is tiring work too!


It was past 2AM when we left the mall, but we had lots of fun!

I wrote about it for

Then on Friday, we went to Staple and Perk in Makati for GeekFight. It’s a trivia game that my best friend Dante and I organize with some other geeky friends. Teams of six players (at most) come together for eight rounds of geeky trivia, and we usually give out alcohol, gift certificates or board games as prizes. We’ve been doing this for around five years now, and we’ve had a steady following so far. Plus, it’s fun to see just how much you know! For me though, the fun is seeing players freak out over a question, frantically going, “I KNOW THIS GIMME THE BOARD NOW!!!” or giving wacky answers when they have no idea what the question is about. Like so:

And finally, yesterday I donned my own clone trooper armor for Toys R Us at Robinson’s Ermita, where the new toys are now on sale.

The biker scout is Jay Nolan, the stormtrooper is my husband Oneal, and I’m the clone trooper. Photo by our lovely handler, Nina Reyes.
With the Shopkins mascots. Photo by Nina Reyes.
Taking a break in the stock room. Photo by Nina Reyes.
Posing with a shy little boy. Photo by Nina Reyes.

Now I’m exhausted! But with more events coming our way from now until December 17, we’re going to have a lot of weekends like this. Good luck to us!

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