The Baby Raptors

It has been two months since the three kittens came into our lives. Oh, how they’ve grown!

We now feed them kitten food twice a day, and 30cc of milk after. We’re just finishing off the box of milk that we bought, and then we’ll only feed them kitten food after that. We also give them water, even if most of the time they just spill it, haha.

They also have a new cage! We have a wire shelf that we bought years ago, and we don’t really use it. It’s modular, so you can reconfigure it any number of ways. Sometimes we use it at events, to display Star Wars helmets.

One Sunday, Oneal took the shelf pieces to the bedroom and rearranged the pieces to make a new cage. He made two levels, so the kittens could climb up an down. He set up their litter box on one end of the lower level, and used a type of bolt to make a door on that end. He made another opening on the other end, on the upper level, so we could open it and let the kittens run around. Then he attached one of the panels at an angle, so the kittens could use it as a ramp to reach the second level.

To complete the setup, Oneal hung a towel from the top of the cage, to keep them quiet at night. He put their litter box in an unused tub, so it wouldn’t be so messy and they would have privacy for their, uhm, bodily functions. And on the upper level, we put an old laundry tub in the middle, for feeding time.

The kittens really liked it. On that first day, they were so busy running up and down and around, and up again and down again and everywhere! They tired themselves out, and they fell asleep before their evening meal! It was so adorable.

This setup was really born out of necessity. The kittens have been getting bigger, and needed to be transfered to a bigger cage. We had a purple cage that we only used for Botchok’s feeding, and we were planning to move them there. But Furriosa was still so small that she could wiggle out of the gaps! With the new cage, the wires were arranged in squares, and even Furriosa couldn’t fit through those.

Another reason this is a great setup is that now the kittens can get away from each other! Samwise Blackheart is now the biggest of the three, and sometimes Furriosa and Blondie get tired of her rough play. Sometimes they just want to sit quietly instead of playing. So now the moody kitten can sit quietly in a far corner while the other two play.

The kittens are roughly three months old now, about the same age Sweetheart was when we found her. I’ve taken to calling them Baby Raptors, because there are three of them, and they go into a frenzy when it’s feeding time. We always get scratched, and sometimes when I put a hand inside to scratch their chins, Samwise and Blondie will nibble at my fingers! One of these days we’ll take a picture to replicate the Jurassic World meme, haha. Let’s hope we can get the kittens to sit still long enough for a picture!

Oh, and the kittens have a new playmate: BB-8!

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