Writing about Star Wars

Star Wars is kinda my life. I first saw the movies when I was around five years old. I made my brother watch it while he was still in diapers. I joined Star Wars Philippines, a local fan club, in 2003. That’s where I met my husband, Oneal.

In 2005 Oneal and I became members of the 501st Legion, an international organization of Star Wars fans who dress up as the bad guys and girls from a galaxy far, far away. (Oneal’s 501st page | my member page | Philippine Garrison) In 2010 we got married in a Star Wars wedding that people are still talking about.

So yeah, Star Wars is my life. Because everyone knows this, editors often ask me to write about Star Wars. They ask me to write about the 501st, about the new movies, about the toys, about the charity work.

On a whim, I decided to compile all the links to all the articles I’ve written related to Star Wars. And apparently I’ve written a lot! Check it out. Most of the photos are mine too!

Rappler: A look at the new ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ toys, September 7, 2015


Star Wars: Rebels promotional event, SM North, December 2014


Promotions for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie in 2008


Geeking out at Legoland Malaysia in 2013!



  • Geek Culture 101: Maybe you’re a geek and you don’t know it, November 2012
  • Fabulous Flying in Pampanga, April 2012
  • Bad guys who do good, December 2013


THE PHILIPPINE STAR: The Stormtroopers 501st Legion: Marching into your hearts on May the 4th, May 4, 2014

SUNDAY INQUIRER MAGAZINE: By George, Are Those Pinoy Stormtroopers in the Rose Parade? 21 January 2007


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