Feeding time


After her bacterial infection, the doctor prescribed Royal Canin Recovery food for Botchok. She has been on a special diet for over a month now.

When she got her respiratory infection, she wouldn’t eat. The vet had to force-feed her. When we brought her home, we could only feed her by putting food directly in her mouth. She wasn’t very happy with that.

Oneal figured out how to feed her. He would put food on a plastic teaspoon, and touch it to her mouth. Eventually she would lick it off, and start looking for the food. He would hold the spoon in front of her, and she would eat off the spoon! I tried it, and I was so relieved when she ate.

But for some reason, Botchok eats more when Oneal feeds her. When I feed her, she’ll eat one or two teaspoons of food. But when it’s Oneal, she eats three or four!

It doesn’t matter, really, who feeds her. As long as she eats, I’m a happy cat mommy!


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