2015 Highlights – February

I didn’t realize how busy our February was!

Mount Pinatubo
Every year, my mother’s family goes to Zambales for Holy Week. Every year, Oneal and I would say, “We should climb Mount Pinatubo. It’s right there!”


Finally this year, we got the chance. Some geek friends organized the trip, and up we went!

Watch the Geeks in Pinatubo 2015 – Videos by Oneal


It was a pretty easy climb, more walking than actual climbing. The 4×4 ride across the rocky terrain between the base camp and the base of Pinatubo was pretty exciting too.


Beauty and the Beast at CCP
Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie! Belle was the first Disney Princess that I felt had anything in common with me, because she was such a bookworm. So when Tita Ruby invited us to watch a stage adaptation with them, I was so happy!

Los Baños workshop
As part of our work for Mulat Pinoy-Kabataan News Network, we set up bureaus of youth reporters around the country. We visited them to hold youth forums and workshops on campus.

In January we visited Silliman University in Dumaguete. In February, it was the University of the Philippines-Los Baños. We weren’t able to organize a youth forum, so we just did the workshop.

Rej and Oneal’s fifth wedding anniversary
With my hectic work schedule, deadlines and travel, I had no time or energy to plan for our fifth wedding anniversary. So I left it in Oneal’s capable hands.

Knowing my love for history and museums, Oneal planned a lovely weekend in Manila. We stayed in Miramar Hotel on Roxas Boulevard, with Art Deco architecture, and within walking distance from a good number of museums. We just walked and walked, and roamed Luneta, and caught a free concert. It was quite nice!

One challenge though: I couldn’t eat meat! Every year I try to avoid meat for the entire period of Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday usually happens in late February, around the time of our wedding anniversary! So when looking for food options, we always had to find something meat-free. Thank goodness for Yellow Cab Four Seasons pizza!

Beej and Din’s wedding
I love weddings! One of our oldest friends, Beejay, married his fiancee Din, in a destination wedding.

Beej is one of our troopers in the Philippine Garrison. He also lived with us in Quezon City for a few months. I suspect that has something to do with why he wanted me to give a short speech at the reception.

The funny thing is, I didn’t know I was giving a speech till we got to the reception venue! Hastily I had to figure out what to say. I shared a few words about Beej’s competitiveness, his love for tinola, and bowling. I think it was well-received.

Raquel and Julio’s wedding
Julio is one of Oneal’s oldest friends. They met in first grade, when Oneal transferred to De La Salle Zobel from Manresa. We were quite happy to be there for his and Raquel’s church wedding.

That’s a lot of love for February 2015!

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