2015 Highlights – April

So much geekness!

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim “The Force Awakens” panel live stream
As soon as the new Star Wars movie was announced, we were excited and ready to do all the events to promote it. When the teaser trailer was released, we wept tears of joy as soon as we watched it.

Then Lucasfilm announced that there would be a The Force Awakens panel during Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. Soon afterwards, they also announced that it would be streamed live to IMAX cinemas worldwide! We were so happy when we found out that the IMAX theater in SM Mall of Asia would stream the panel, and we would be trooping.


Avengers: Age of Ultron
We really love the Marvel Cinematic Universe! And so do our friends! When the first Avengers movie was released, our friend Niki organized a field trip so we could all watch together.

For this movie, I can’t even remember who organized the trip! What I do remember is that Oneal and I were invited to the press screening at the Buena Vista screening room in Shangri-La Plaza. Fortunately the geeks were also watching in Shang, and they picked the last full show. So on opening day, we saw the movie twice!


Zombie Survival workshop at Camp Explore
Oneal is a big fan of zombie stories. Video games, novels, comic books, TV shows, he devours them all.

We’re also very disaster-oriented. We live in a country with twenty typhoons a year, and the odd earthquake or tidal wave. So we’re always prepared with go-bags, and SOPs in case of emergency. And Oneal is always saying how preparing for the zombie apocalypse is pretty much the same as preparing for any emergency. Because of this, our friends Kit and Iñaki asked us to give a zombie survival workshop at their camp in Antipolo.

Kit runs Camp Explore, where kids go for summer camp, and some corporate companies hold their team building sessions. They wanted something new for the summer camp, and they thought zombie survival would be fun. And it was!

Los Baños Social NetWorth youth forum
This was the last of our events for Mulat Pinoy-Kabataan News Network! We went back to University of the Philippines in Los Baños for the youth forum.

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