2015 Highlights – June

Work, a convention, and the end of an era.

Negosyo Center workshop
Because of a referral, I was able to attend a workshop on entrepreneurship, organized by the office of Senator Bam Aquino. It was cool to meet other people my age and younger who decided to go into business or social entrepreneurship, rather than finding a regular job–like me and the rest of Puzzled Owl!

It was also refreshing to see government employees who seemed enthusiastic about making change and truly providing public service. And the staff of Senator Bam are really energetic!

Toy Con 2015
Every year the 501st is invited to do the opening ceremonies for the Toy Con at SM Megamall. In the past few years, they’ve also given us a booth!

This year, we raffled off prizes to people who came to our booth for pictures. Among the prizes were keychains, comic books, and even a clone helmet made by Oneal’s cousin Jim!

Mulat Pinoy-Kabataan News Network project end
We didn’t realize it at the time, but our project had finally come to an end. The project period was done, and there was no new funding yet.

To be honest, in 2013 I was burning out from the work. But I said, I want to give this another year. Our last project period was a year and a half, and I really did give it my all, every year. When it was done, I felt relief and melancholy.

In the months that followed, I told myself that I would rest, write more, and pursue creative endeavors. I was excited about staying home more, having more time for exercise, the cats, the house. And I did all that.

But soon I realized just how much that project meant to me. As I reveled in the freedom and creativity, I also saw that MP-KNN had really taken up most of my time, energy and mind space. I realized this when I started feeling aimless, without purpose. I saw that I could download anything, which also meant that there was no overarching objective governing my daily work. It was a little disorienting, confusing. But when I recognized what I had lost, I accepted that I had to adjust, and find new and meaningful work.


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