Migration Patterns of Baby Raptors: Time to move

We figured it would be better if we moved the whole raptor pen into the cattery. It would be a familiar space in the stressful new environment.

We removed their litter box and food dishes, and lifted the cage out of the bedroom. The first problem: The cage didn’t fit through the balcony screen doors. We had to put the cage down, then Oneal removed the screen doors. Success! We made it through.

We carried the cage–kittens within–towards the cattery, and figured out how to carry the cage through the door. The second problem: the cage didn’t fit through the cattery doors! We tried angling this way and that, and it just wouldn’t work. I was worried that the kittens were getting stressed, but all they did was sniff my hand and look up at me with beautiful round eyes.

Blondie goes exploring.

We put the cage down and Oneal dislodged part of the cage so we could fold it. Success! We made it through.

Once inside, we set the cage down on the floor, under my office windows. We let the kittens roam free, and they ran around, exploring the cattery, sniffing every corner, climbing the walls, going up to the windows.

Samwise Blackheart, sniffing

Eventually we let the big cats back in, and we stayed in the cattery to watch over their interaction. We knew Spot and Scabbers wouldn’t bother the kittens much. Hedwig was curious about them, as usual. It was really Sweetheart we were worried about. She was still trying to establish dominance as the new alpha, and all of a sudden there were new kittens to boss around!

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