Crazy Baby Raptors

Kittens have the weirdest triggers.

Last night, I was tired and sleepy when we got home, so I took a shower. Oneal was busy feeding the cats and cleaning the litter box. When I was dressed, I went out to visit the kittens. Then the strangest thing happened.


The Baby Raptors went crazy.

I stood beside the chair where they were sitting. All three of them started grabbing my arms and climbing my legs. Blondie jumped up to my chest and climbed my shoulder, smelling and biting my wet hair. Furriosa was nibbling my thighs. Even Samwise, who normally pays me little attention, was scrambling all over me!

I sat down in my usual chair, and the kittens followed.


Normally Furriosa lies on my lap, relaxed and purring, until she gets sleepy. Usually Blondie jumps up too, lies there a short while, rests against my chest, and sniffs me before jumping away. And Samwise only stays on my lap for a few seconds, because she’s busy chasing after Sweetheart!


Not this time though. This time, all the kittens wanted my lap, and not to sit quietly! They were busy sniffing me and nibbling me, wrapping their little legs around my arms and digging their paws into me. Samwise stayed in my lap the longest, while Blondie and Furriosa writhed on the floor, grabbing my legs and nibbling whatever part of me they could get their teeth on: my shins, my calves, my knees. They were in a frenzy!

I was laughing and shrieking the whole time. It tickled and hurt! Oneal said, “It must be your lotion. It’s new and they’re fascinated.” Eventually he had to pry the kittens off me, so I could stand up and leave the cattery. It was like I was catnip!

And all the other cats completely ignored me. So I guess the lotion only works on the Baby Raptors!

Maybe tonight I’ll try a different lotion and see if they respond the same. Hopefully we’ll get video this time!

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