Crazy Baby Raptors love Oneal

Does catnip work on your cats? Our cats–at least, those descended from Botchok–completely ignore the stuff. Oneal says he read somewhere that only 50% of cats respond to catnip. I guess our cats belong to the other 50%.

The Baby Raptors seem to have their own catnip though: Oneal’s sweat.

In the evenings, when we go to the cattery to feed and play with the cats, we’re usually still in work clothes. The kittens climb all over us, sit in our laps or perch on our shoulders. The older cats hover near us, waiting for scratchies.

The kittens–Blondie and Samwise in particular–are usually the ones who climb Oneal’s back and shoulders. And often, they bury their faces in his neck, nibbling and sniffing and licking. Sometimes, when he’s crouching down, they’ll climb into his lap, and smell his armpits. It’s like they can’t get enough of his sweat!




Sometimes, Oneal is cleaning their litter box, and Blondie will climb up his back. She’ll perch on his neck, and smell his scalp, his neck, sometimes nibbling, sometimes grabbing with her front paws. And it sends Oneal into a fit of the giggles!

What gives your cats the crazies?

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