Crazy Baby Raptors love the new mouthwash

I’ve written about our hyperactive kittens and the strange things that trigger their crazies.

One of the very first triggers we observed was Oneal’s sweat. After that, it was my lotion.

Another time, I went to the cattery after a shower, using a different lotion.

The kittens sniffed me but didn’t go crazy the way they did the first time. Blondie, however, decided that I needed a bath, and proceeded to groom my shoulder. Vigorously. The other kittens paid the new lotion no mind.

Just the other day, we made a discovery. Apparently, Furriosa goes crazy over the smell of our new mouthwash.

One night, Oneal went out to the cattery to feed them, give them fresh water and clean their litter boxes. I was in the bathroom, cleaning up. I brushed my teeth and gargled with our new mouthwash. It bubbled and frothed more than I expected, so some of it spilled onto my dress.

I wiped my mouth and went out to the cattery, where I found Oneal sitting in my chair, playing with Furriosa. When I came in, I scratched her under her chin, and she closed her eyes. Then she jumped down from his lap, and Oneal got up so I could sit.

I sat down in my chair, and soon enough Furriosa was on my lap. She started sniffing my, and soon she found the spot of mouthwash on my dress. And she went nuts! She sniffed and rubbed her nose against my dress, grabbing and kneading with her claws. I had to stop her, cupping her face in my hand. Still she persisted, biting and nibbling my hand to get through to my dress!

At first it was ticklish and funny. Furriosa was usually so zen, and even when she was in heat she never acted like this. But she was biting so hard, and her claws were digging into my flesh! It got so bad that I gave up, and asked Oneal to pry her off me.

One of these days, Oneal will use my lotions to see if the kittens will go nuts too. The experiment continues!

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