UberPool, my new favorite transportation option!


I really like Uber. It’s useful for those days when I’m too tired to take the train, especially now while I’m pregnant. It’s helpful when I’m carrying a lot of stuff. I especially like Uber when there’s no easy way to commute to my destination, and when it’s raining.

More recently, I’ve been pretty happy with UberPool. It’s a feature where you can share a ride with another Uber user. You cut costs, though your ride might take longer because you won’t be going directly from point A to point B. Waze determines which passenger gets dropped off first, based on traffic and navigation.

I really like it because no matter the distance, the traffic of the duration of the trip, I pay a fixed rate, even if there’s a surge. These days, if I’m taking an Uber by myself, I almost always choose UberPool.

Like most Pinoys, I first heard of UberPool when Kristen Bell live-tweeted her first UberPool ride. Since the option became available in Manila, I’ve been hoping for exciting UberPool companions. One driver told me about male and female riders sharing a ride and striking up a conversation, and he joked that he hoped they went out after that ride. Alas, I’ve only had quiet companions, or grumpy ones. I wish I could rate other riders!

(No, this is not a sponsored post! I just really like UberPool!)


Have you had any exciting UberPool experiences?

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