Why do pregnant women clutch their baby bump?

My baby bump isn’t even that big yet, but already I walk around clutching my bump! Sometimes even I wonder why.

So I started writing down the thoughts going through my head every time I clutched my bump.

  • I sneezed! Baby might fall!
  • Do I have the muscles to hold up this bump?
  • OMG is the baby moving?
  • Something might hit my bump.
  • OMFG, somebody might touch my bump!
  • My bump is itchy!
  • I’m tired. Are you tired, baby?
  • I’m getting out of bed. Oh God I’m getting heavy. Maybe carrying my bump in my hands will help. (Nope, it doesn’t.)

Pregnant friends, why do we clutch our bumps??

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  1. I used to wonder the same thing before I fell pregnant!
    I used to rub mine whenever I had aches and pains, e.g. round ligament pain, painful pressure on hernias, or when baby kicked really hard, which was a lot. And also to try and support the extra weight in front, I would often cradle it at the bottom.
    Also whenever I got really strong braxton hicks contactions, those that actually make you breathe really slowly and deep to get through it – which was a couple of times a day from week 18.
    I would also rub my tummy when it feld generally uncomfortable, which was often.


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