Happy Birthday, Baby Raptors! 

​One year ago today, the Baby Raptors came into our lives! 

Dad found them on the balcony outside our bedroom, and within a week we brought them into our home and our hearts.

Today, they are a year old, bigger, but still adorable. Each kitten has a personality all her own, and shows us love and affection in her own way. 

Imperator Furriosa is the fiestiest of the lot. She’s also the fattest. She looks like she has no neck! 

I say she’s fiesty because she doesn’t back down from a fight, and doesn’t let anyone bully her. But aside from that, she’s a pretty zen kitten, doing things in her own time, at her own pace. She loves jumping up onto my lap, but she won’t do that if there’s another cat already there. She also doesn’t like it when I pick her up and put her on my lap. She prefers to jump up on her own. 
Even when they were kittens and they were still housed in a cage in our bedroom, Furriosa always did things her way. Her sisters would be running around frantically, jumping on the bed, racing to the bathroom and back. She would jump on the bed or the laundry basket, and watch  them run. Sometimes she’d jump down and chase after them, but eventually she’d return to her perch and just watch. 

Blondie is a naughty kitten. She always swipes at the others, for no reason at all! She especially likes swiping Hedwig, probably because he doesn’t fight back. Oneal says she’s the heaviest of the three kittens. She has the weirdest meows, and I can never replicate them. Sometimes it sounds like a chirp. Next to Furriosa, she’s the one who likes sitting on my lap. She jumps up, sits, sniffs my clothes, and settles down. She stays for a few minutes, then she decides to go chase after one of the other cats. 

Samwise is a strange cat. She’s always in the window. If she’s not, she jumps onto the window sill as soon as she realizes one of us is there. If we reach a hand through the screen to touch her, she sniffs our hands, but doesn’t want to get scratched. 

Samwise really likes grooming Furriosa. Sometimes the two tricolors are in the window, and Samwise is busily grooming her sister. Sometimes Furriosa doesn’t like it, but most of the time she just lets Samwise groom her. 

It’s been more than 6 months since we moved them into the cattery, which they now occupy with Kuya Hedwig and Ate Sweetheart. Spotty and Scabbers passed away earlier this year, so we’re left with only five cats. 
So far they all get along. 

For a while, Samwise had an obsession with Ate Sweetheart. She was always following the older kitten around, climbing up the windows and high shelves too, going into heat at the same time. Sweetheart seemed terribly annoyed at first, but she got used to it. 

They mostly ignore Hedwig, except when they’re in heat. Fortunately we had him fixed years ago, so he can’t really do anything. He doesn’t even know how to mount a female! He tries to bite them at the scruff of the neck, but he doesn’t know what to do afterwards. 

Unfortunately for him, the kittens are quite strange. When Furriosa is in heat, she writhes and calls out. But when Hedwig tries to approach her, she gets startled and she hisses. when Samwise is in heat, she sounds like she’s copying the sounds made by Sweetheart. As for Blondie, I think she just swipes at Hedwig more. 

I’m so glad we took these kittens in. They’re all kinds of adorable and funny. 

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