Lil Ass-Kicker’s Long Journey, 2016: Surprise!

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My cycles are pretty regular, so more or less I can predict which week I’m getting my period.

January and February were normal. As Holy Week 2016 rolled in, I started feeling the usual PMS, with a few other symptoms thrown in. I felt tired and under the weather, more than usual. I figured my period would start on Good Friday, or during the weekend.

We went to Zambales, as usual, with my family. In the afternoon of Good Friday, March 25, we got ready for the procession. I told my mother that I wouldn’t finish the procession, because I wasn’t feeling so great. I fully expected to get my period that night, or the next day.

I didn’t get my period.

We went back to Manila, and I didn’t get my period.

A week went by, and I didn’t get my period. I told Oneal, and we both went, “Huh, okay.”

On March 31, I stayed home, and went out for errands nearby. Before heading home, I bought a pregnancy test. “Let’s see,” I said. Oneal asked how many tests I got. Because I only bought one, I asked if he could buy another one, so we could be sure.

I got home, but I didn’t want to take the test without Oneal. He got home in the afternoon, and we couldn’t wait to do the test.

I peed in a cup, and used the dropper to put a few drops on the test. After a few minutes, I saw that nothing was happening. That’s when I realized I’d put the drops on the back of the test! So I flipped it over carefully, and dropped the samples in. Then I left the bathroom. I didn’t want to stay and watch for those two lines! It was about 5:00 PM.

After about ten minutes, I went back into the bathroom. Oneal was at his desk, and I summoned him. “Let’s take a look,” I said.

We took a look. It was positive, but the line was faint. “Huh. Look at that,” we said. That’s when I decided to read the instructions again. They said it’s better to do the test in the morning, because you have higher levels of the pregnancy hormone then. So we looked at each other, and agreed to do the test in the morning.

So on April 1–this is not a joke!–I woke up early because I needed to pee. I remembered, oh yes, the pregnancy test! It was a different kind of test from the first one I did. This one looked like the ones you see in the movies, where you pee on the actual stick. So I peed on the stick, put the cap on, and left it on the sink.

I went to bed and shook Oneal awake. “I took the test!” I told him. “It should be done by now. Should we take a look?” I said, shaking him further. Sleepily, he got up, and together we walked into the bathroom.

We looked at the test.

It was positive.


Oneal said, “I think it’s very positive, because even I can see it in the dark.” And he wasn’t even wearing his glasses!

After five years of trying, it was finally happening. Holy crap!

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