(Not really) maternity wear 

I don’t want to buy maternity clothes. They’re expensive, and I’m only going to use them for a few months!

So when we found out I was pregnant, I went through my closet and got rid of some clothes. These were things I knew would never fit me again, pregnant or not. Others just weren’t my style anymore. So I set them aside and gave them away.


While I was going through my closet, I found clothes that I knew would fit me into my third trimester.

In the meantime, every week I wonder, which clothes will still fit me? How creatively can I repurpose my current outfits? Thank God for all the posts about pregnancy clothing hacks.

So how have I hacked my wardrobe?
1. BellaBand for pants 

Some people recommend a BellaBand, so you can you wear your pants even if you can’t close the buttons and zippers anymore.

I didn’t know where to buy one, and I was about to check where I could order it online. Then I found DIY instructions!

I had some stretchy fabric that I’d cut from long dresses. I asked Oneal to just sew them up to fit my hips. Yay for Mang Oneal!


2. Maxi dresses 

I’ve always loved maxi dresses. They’re so flowy and comfortable. Unfortunately, they also make me look fat and pregnant, so I always have to wear them with a nice belt or something.

Now, I’m actually pregnant! And I desperately need to be comfortable. I can wear long dresses to work as long as I match them with ballet flats and a nice cardigan or scarf.


3. Maternity wear hacks 

I’m so glad so many blogs and websites have these lists now! This was one of the most helpful.

4. Pencil skirts 

I inherited a lot of clothes when my mother-in-law passed away. I gave away quite a lot, but I kept a lot too, and they came in useful for work.

My mother-in-law was quite petite, and she liked her skirts long. On me, the skirts came down to mid-calf, and with belts and the right tops, they looked quite flattering!

The waistbands were a bit loose, so when I started getting bigger, the pencil skirts fit perfectly!


5. Elastic hair ties to keep button enclosures secure 

I found Kevel pants closing… Things. In True Value! I was looking around with my brother, and we were gawking at all the sale items. He ooh’d and aah’d over carabiners and multi-tools. Then I saw the Kevel and squealed in delight. “I need these!” I exclaimed. When he saw what I was holding, he burst out laughing!

“Shut up!” I told him, laughing along. I was about to buy them, then I remembered Ate Hazel told me about the elastic band trick. That saved me about Php 350!

6. Bra extenders 

My breasts are huge. Now they’re even bigger, and heavy AF! It’s funny-not-funny. I still fit in my bras, but only with the help of extenders. Sigh.

I’m sure I’ll need more of these clothing hacks as I get bigger all over. 😀

In the meantime, here’s a throwback to a month ago, when I barely looked pregnant at 21 weeks:

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