Rude dude

Why oh why do complete strangers feel like they have a right to say anything about your pregnancy??

I was at PureGold a few weeks ago, buying lunch. I’d just come from two long meetings, and I was starving.

(It’s never wise to let a pregnant woman go hungry.)

I picked up some fruits and snacks, and I lined up. The cashier was taking a while, so I moved to another line, because I saw that the customer was leaving.

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When I got there, I put my items on the counter, and waited for the cashier to turn to me. The other customer was still there, gathering his things or something. He was middle-aged, perhaps in his fifties, with disheveled salt-and-pepper hair. He was wearing a checkered short-sleeved shirt.

He saw me line up, and said, out of the blue, “Boy? Or girl?”

Surprised, I said, “Excuse me?”

“Boy or girl?”

Annoyed, I said, “I don’t know!”

“But you’re pregnant, right?” he continued.

“Yes,” I said irritably. I hoped from my tone he would realize it was none of his business.

“Tingin ko boy,” he volunteered.

Fed up, I said indignantly, “Okay, you’re a complete stranger and I’m really not comfortable discussing this with you!”

Finally, he seemed to realize that I was offended, and he backed away slightly. “Oh, sorry, of course, you’re right.” He offered a weak smile. “But I’m a doctor, and madalas ako dito. They know me!” He pointed to the cashier.

“Regardless, you’re still a complete stranger!” I shot back.

“You’re right, sorry, sorry,” he said, picking up his purchases and walking away.

I turned to the poor cashier, witness to this man’s intrusion and my outburst. “Ano ba yan??” I ranted. “Sino ba siya?”

“Pero ma’am, buntis naman talaga kayo?” the cashier asked carefully.

“Oo, pero wala na siya’ng pakialam dun, kahit doctor pa siya!” I huffed. “Hay nako!” I waved for her to ring up my purchases so I could finally have lunch.

Really, the nerve of some people!

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