Why do pregnant women clutch their bellies? Third trimester edition

Part 1 | Part 2

  1. I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee
  2. My child, why are you moving so freaking much?
  3. Oh God, crowds. Stay away from my child!
  4. Oh God, was that a contraction?
  5. I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee
  6. Oh no, please don’t touch my baby bump!
  7. Holy crap child, why are you so freaking heavy?
  8. My bump has corners.
  9. Oh look, my bump is lopsided. Again.
  10. I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee-I-gotta-pee

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