What do you do when breastfeeding? 

​There’s only so much loving gaze I can bestow on my child. All that looking down hurts my neck eventually. So after I’ve made sure he’s latched properly, what do I do? 

  1. Play Two Dots or Words With Friends: I don’t play a lot of games, but these are the two I play most regularly. 
  2. Check Facebook and get involved in hilarious comment threads. Then I need to guffaw, and I can’t because I might dislodge the child. 
  3. Post on Instagram: When I’m breastfeeding, I look through my photos and I find stuff I haven’t posted yet. 
  4. Read stuff on Pocket: I save a lot of stuff. 
  5. Fall asleep: Yes, I have fallen asleep while breastfeeding. 
  6. Pay bills: I did this last night! 
  7. Chat with friends: Whatever time I’m breastfeeding, there’s usually someone online. I use the time to follow up with people, or just to catch up. 
  8. Gaze lovingly at my child: Okay, I can’t help it. He’s less than two weeks old, and quite adorable!
  9. Wonder how the hell we’ve survived this long: I wonder this A LOT. 
  10. Hope we don’t screw him up so much: Okay, I think this even when I’m not breastfeeding. 
  11. Eat (and get crumbs on my child): Sometimes I get hungry while breastfeeding, so Oneal will bring me a cereal bar or a sandwich. 
  12. Get thirsty: I’m ALWAYS thirsty when I breastfeed! 
  13. Watch videos saved on Facebook: I find myself watching a lot of trailers and various videos on Facebook these days. 
  14. Catch up on TV shows: We finally got to watch the DC crossover episodes! 

One of these days, I’ll remember to grab my Kindle before Lucas latches, so I can finally get back to my reading. 

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