My favorite boy #5: Lola Marian

My mom came over for a visit. She stayed for two nights. While she was here, she read to Lucas, from a book she and Daddy gave me when I was a little girl. She sang to him, dancing her hands above him. He watched with fascination as her hands moved and swayed above his curious eyes. And she fed him from a bottle, laughing as he made gurgling sounds and suppressing her laughter when he farted and pooped at the same time.

She and Daddy Boy took turns taking care of Lucas and carrying him, so Oneal and I could eat, and I could work and do things around the house. She watched as we gave Lucas a sponge bath, laughing at our songs and marveling at his smiles.

When Daddy Boy or Yaya Jessica had Lucas, Mommy would come over to me, asking if I needed anything, or helping me in the kitchen.

When Mommy left, I thanked her for visiting. It was so nice to have her around, taking care of Lucas, of me. As she left, she said, “Can I come over again?” with a grin.

Anytime, Mommy! Lucas will be waiting!

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