When Baby Sleeps…

… I should sleep.

… I work.

… I finally get to eat.

… I check Facebook.

… I play games.

… I wish I could mute all the TVs and radios within earshot of the house. 

… I wish I could mute the horns on all the vehicles that drive by.

… I wish I could shush every person who walks past our house.

… I wish I could mute the horn on the PNR.

… I wish I could blow my nose and sneeze quietly.

… I wish I could put him in a temperature-controlled bubble so he wouldn’t sweat or feel cold.

… I wish I could fix all the creaky floorboards in the bedroom. 

… I wish I’d remembered to oil the squeaky hinges on all the doors all over the house. 

… I realize our bed creaks. 

… I forget I’m tired.

… I feel like everything will be okay, because he’s fed and clean and comfortable and healthy, and we got through another day together.

… I feel like my heart is going to burst, because he’s just so beautiful, and he’s ours.

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