Six months of Lucas

It’s been six months since this beautiful boy came into our lives. Every day has been a precious gift.

It’s really funny how such a little thing can have such a huge personality, opinions and preferences, even habits.

Lucas loves going out. He loves new places, new people, new sights and sounds and smells. When we’re out, he doesn’t want to feed or eat. He just wants to look at everything!

Lucas can’t feed when there are too many things going on around him. If there are a lot of people, if there’s a lot of noise, if there are bright pictures or colors or lights. He can’t focus on feeding because he’s just so curious about everything around him. When I bring him to the office, it’s hard to feed, even in a meeting room, because he can hear voices outside, or see the paintings on the walls.

Sometimes Lucas doesn’t want to feed because he wants to play. He wants to roll around on the bed. He wants to scratch at the different pillows and pillow cases, the towels and blankets, Mommy’s face or Daddy’s neck. We pick him up and he stands on our bellies. We raise him high above our heads, and he shrieks with laughter. He leans back against our legs, lounging while sucking on his fingers, then we raise him up and he laughs again. Eventually he gets tired, and when we put him to my breast, he latches on and hugs me like there’s no tomorrow.

Lucas loves his bedtime routine. He could be sleepy, grumpy or hungry, but once we go up the stairs to the bedroom, then put him in the crib, and then give him his sponge bath, he turns into a giggly, happy baby. He smiles the sunniest smile, and starts laughing and kicking.

He’s a happy baby. Sometimes, when he wakes up, the first thing he does is roll onto his stomach, raise his head to look at us, and smile. Often, he smiles in his sleep. Sometimes he wakes up, smiles, and falls asleep again. Sometimes he laughs so hard that he shrieks. He smiles so much that his eyes disappear. He smiles so much and we fall in love with him each time.

A few weeks ago, we started feeding him solids. We gave him boiled and mashed vegetables, mixed with some breast milk. We soon learned that he liked his food cold. He probably found it refreshing, given the hot and humid weather. He liked his water cold too! 

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with him. Then he smiles, and I can’t help but tickle his belly or kiss his feet. Then I pick him up, and we dance all over the room, and play peek-a-boo in front of the mirror, and he laughs and it’s the best sound in the world.

He’s beautiful, and he’s ours. Sometimes, we still can’t believe it.

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