Breastfeeding stations: SM Megamall 

This is probably one of the first breastfeeding stations I was ever aware of. I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I’m very sure it’s been there for at least five years. This year, I finally had the chance to use it.

The breastfeeding station in SM Megamall is really just a section of wall that was sectioned off with glass and curtains. It’s a long room, with two armchairs, four straight-back chairs, an ottoman and a sink. Considering the food court and activity center are right outside, it’s fairly quiet.

There are outlets on one end of the room, so you can use those if you’re pumping.

The armchairs are wide, so you can have your bag next to you while you feed. If your child is a little older, there’s room for their legs to stretch and kick while you feed.

There’s room for six women here–eight, if two women use the ottoman.

It’s convenient because it’s right next to the food court and the bathroom. Right outside that door is the mall clinic, so that’s helpful too. That seems to be the norm for breastfeeding rooms in SM Malls.

It’s also totally free! Just sign the log book.

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  1. It’s the worse breastfeeding area specially if you are all alone with your kid. Reason behind my concern is:
    1. Strollers should be left outside the facility in a unsafe area near food court.
    2. Changing area is outside the female toilet… Also the changing table is not stable and obstructed by people who goes in and out of the toilet cubilce
    3. Unfriendly staff


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