Breastfeeding stations: SM Makati 

UPDATE 2017-09-19: The breastfeeding room is on the fourth floor! 

It’s a happy surprise that SM Malls always have breastfeeding rooms. They’re not spectacular, but they’re sufficient. And whatever mall you go to, it always looks the same, hahaha.
The breastfeeding lounge in SM Makati is located in the department store, in the lingerie section, right next to the bathrooms. I can’t remember if it’s on the third or the second floor (I’ll update this post when I confirm).

It’s tiny. There are two armchairs, and heavy curtains for privacy. There’s a sofa, so I guess your other children or companion can sit there, or you can wait for your turn.

The one time that I used this lounge, the two armchairs were in use, so I just sat on the sofa and pumped under my jacket. The reason I needed my jacket was the glass wall.

Instead of a cement wall, the door to the breastfeeding lounge is part of a glass wall. It’s frosted glass, or at least covered in decals, so you don’t have complete privacy. It’s not a problem for me, but some people might be uncomfortable with it.

There are sinks, and there’s a diaper-changing station. It’s free to use. Just sign the log book.

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