Breastfeeding stations: SM Hypermarket Pasig 

Every SM Mall I’ve been to has a breastfeeding room. It’s usually beside the clinic. Happily, even SM Center Pasig has a breastfeeding room. It’s located in the basement, in the parking level, next to the services like shoe repair, laundry, printing and so on. The room is the first thing you see on the right if you’re entering the building from the C5 entrance.

We first saw it when we were living in Pasig, after we got married in 2010. We finally got to use it a few months ago. We were coming from my mother’s house in Antipolo, and we needed to stop because Lucas was fussy. We wanted to check if he was wet, or hungry.

It was a Sunday, and the breastfeeding room was locked. We asked the guard, and he asked us to wait while he got the key from the admin office.

I’m guessing that on weekdays, there’s a nurse on duty, so the room would be open during mall hours.

Upon entry you’ll find the clinic. There’s a restroom inside, with one of those baby seats attached to the wall. There’s another door to the left, and that’s the breastfeeding room.

Inside, there’s a single couch, with plenty of pillows. There’s a little table where you can put your stuff, so that should be helpful if you’re pumping. There’s an outlet near the sofa, so you can use that if you have an electric pump with you.

I don’t remember if there’s a sink in the room, but there are counters. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stuff on them, so I’m not sure if those counters are supposed to be for diaper-changing.

There was no nurse on duty, so we went ahead and used the counter to change Lucas’ diaper.

It was a little warm in the room. but that may have been because it was a Sunday, and perhaps the air-conditioning wasn’t turned on. There was a fan in the clinic though, so Oneal wheeled it into the breastfeeding room and plugged it in to a socket by the door.

The walls are plastered with giant posters espousing the benefits of breastmilk. It’s great and all, but surely there’s a better use for that wall space?

It’s a pretty basic breastfeeding room, but it’s still infinitely better than the one in Festival Mall in Alabang.

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