Breastfeeding stations: Central Square, Bonifacio High Street 

In case you didn’t know, Central Square is that building on Bonifacio High Street that houses the cinemas. There are some clothing stores too! I didn’t know it was called Central Square until sometime last year; Oneal and I always just called it the BHS cinema, haha.

As usual, I can’t remember on what floor the breastfeeding room is, but you’ll find it on the same floor as Starbucks Reserve and Hamley’s toy store.

It’s a nice enough room. There’s a diaper changing station in a closet, and those drawers are useful surfaces for your extra diapers, extra clothes, wet wipes, etc. Unfortunately, there’s no seatbelt on the diaper table, so if you have a feisty little one, you need to keep a hand on him/her at all times. There’s also no light in the closet, so it can be a little dim.

There are no cubicles or curtains, so it’s just one big room. If you’re looking for privacy, use a cover.

There’s one big sofa, with a mirror wall behind it, and one armchair/rocking chair. There’s also a large table, which is useful if you don’t want to use the diaper-changing station.

The rocking chair is probably useful if you’re trying to put your baby to sleep.

The sofa is pretty big and comfortable, but it’s off-white and it looks like it could use a bit of cleaning. The arms are low, so they’re not very useful for resting your elbows. Since it’s a long sofa, you could probably fit three breastfeeding mothers comfortably on it; four if the babies are small or newborn, haha!

There’s a trash bin right inside, but open and close it carefully, otherwise it makes a loud noise that might startle your baby!

The restrooms are right outside the breastfeeding room, so that’s definitely helpful.

I don’t recall any electrical outlets in the room. This could be a problem if you’re there to pump, and your pump is electric.

Like the rest of the mall, it opens at 11am.

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