Analyn, Part 3

Of course it didn’t last.

Analyn went on vacation for Christmas. When she came back, she said she had to leave. Her sister in Batangas lost her househelp. Her mother, with whom her son lived, had to go to Batangas to help out. That meant that nobody would be around to take care of her son. So she had to leave.

I was thankful that she made sure to tell me she couldn’t stay. Even better, Analyn said she would look for a replacement.

In the meantime, she had to bring her son to our house. It was chaotic for her, having to take care of two boys. But we had little choice, and we all had to be patient.

About a week or so later, Analyn found a replacement, Weng. She met Weng through a family friend, and brought her to the house. She spent a few days showing Weng the ropes.

Several times Analyn told me that she didn’t really want to leave. “Kung wala lang ako’ng anak eh, ma’am,” she said. (If only I didn’t have a child of my own, ma’am.) She seemed tearful when we dropped her off at SM on her last day.

Once in a while, Analyn messages me on Facebook or via SMS, asking about Lucas. She’s busy taking care of her mother and her son, but she greets me and wishes me well. I know she misses my son, and frankly I miss her too.

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