My favorite boy: Sweetness

I don’t know if all mothers of boys say this, but Lucas is such a sweet sweet boy.

At night, after feeding, before we put him in the crib, he’ll kiss me several times, and give me a tight hug. Sometimes he’ll open his arms wide so Oneal and I can hug and kiss him. He loves it when we kiss and tickle his neck.

Sometimes, he’ll hug me and pat my back, as if to say, it’s all okay mommy.

Sometimes he just says, over and over, “Mimi! Mimi? Mimi. Mimi!” I’m Mimi, apparently.

Sometimes Oneal chases him, and he runs towards me, giggling hard. He crashes into my legs, then looks up at me with a big smile.

Sometimes he looks up at me while feeding, unlatches, and smiles. Then he goes back to feeding. Sometimes he smiles even if he’s latched. You can tell he’s smiling because his eyes crinkle up in the exact same way mine do.

Sometimes when I’m carrying him, he rests his head on my shoulder or my chest.

He’s a sweet sweet boy, and I hope he stays that way.

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