Yaya Weng, part 1

Lucas isn’t even two years old yet, and he’s already had three nannies.

We’ve been lucky, I guess. We’ve never gone very long without a nanny. When Analyn had to leave, she made sure she had a replacement: Weng.

Weng was a tiny thing. We joked that she was hardly taller than Lucas. She was quiet, and even if you asked her a direct question, she barely said a thing. She was in her forties, and had a few children. Analyn said Weng had been in Manila for over a month, looking for work.

Weng was so timid that she was afraid to ask questions if she didn’t know what to do. This resulted in a few blunders that could easily have been avoided. One time she accidentally put coffee in Lucas’ oatmeal. Another time she fed him some soup that Dad said had been in the fridge too long and should have been thrown away.

She was also a little absent-minded. Sometimes, after changing Lucas’ diaper in the playroom, she would forget it until the next day, and it would smell and be hard to wash. She would forget where she left his towel, or his shoes.

After Analyn, Weng was… not the best yaya.

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