Yaya Weng, part 2

One Monday morning, she was late getting to the house. I had a TV interview to oversee, and I was pretty upset and stressed. The interview got rescheduled, fortunately, and Weng eventually arrived–with her youngest son.

(Read part 1 here.)

When she’d gone home the Friday before, she said her son was sick and she had to take him for a checkup. Apparently there was nobody who could take care of him in Batangas while he was sick.

I was so stressed out. I wasn’t upset because she brought her son. I was upset because she didn’t tell me that she was bringing him, and that he would be staying all week. I was upset because she was late, and that derailed my schedule.

But anyway, she was there, and we had no other choice.

Unfortunately, having her son around was incredibly stressful. He was stubborn and willful, and didn’t listen when she asked him to do something. He repeatedly disobeyed all of us, going where he was told not to, playing with things he wasn’t supposed to. I gave him a stern talking to several times, to little avail.

I was incredibly relieved when she brought him back to Batangas.


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