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I remember copies of Cosmopolitan magazine lying around the house when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t buy them. I remember picking them up and being fascinated with the articles about fashion and makeup, and being quite confused about the ones on sex and relationships.

Little did I realize that I would someday be writing for!

2015: Confessions Of A Female ‘Star Wars’ Geek

Naturally, the first time I wrote for Cosmo, it was about Star Wars.

January 2016: I Had A ‘Star Wars’ Wedding And I Wore Padme Amidala’s Wedding Dress!

Okay, the second time was also about Star Wars, haha!

March 2016: How Does One Shamelessly Talk About Sex Out In The Open?

And then I found myself writing about sex. Sort of. I wrote about Deus Sex Machina.

April 2017: An Honest Review Of ‘GOTG Vol. 2’ By A Marvel Cinematic Universe Fan

The editor, Jillian Gatcheco, asked me to do this review because she felt she wasn’t geeky enough, haha. Since then, I’ve written a lot of reviews of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies!

May 2017:

June 2017:

July 2017:

August 2017:


September 2017: How To Take Care Of Your Sexual And Reproductive Health

Because sexual and reproductive health are important, whether or not you’re having sex.

October 2017:

November 2017: An Honest Review Of ‘Justice League’

It’s always so hard to write reviews of DC movies.

December 2017: An Honest Review Of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Actually, it’s hard to write reviews of Star Wars movies too, because there’s never enough space for what I want to say!

February 2018:

March 2018:

May 2018: An Honest Review Of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

I always feel like I have to write a separate blog post about Star Wars movies, because my published reviews leave so much unsaid!

June 2018: I Posed Nude For The First Time

Yeah, this one was hard to write!

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