Breastfeeding stations: Alabang Town Center

This is one of the nicest breastfeeding stations we have ever seen.

2017-10-15 19.30.59.jpg

It’s a family lounge, not just a breastfeeding station.

2017-10-15 19.31.29.jpg

Exact location in the mall: Upper Ground Level, Corte de las Palmas. If you know where Marks and Spencer is, just go one floor up.

It’s free for breastfeeding moms and for those with a BPI Amore card. Otherwise, you need to pay Php 10 to use the restroom. Upon arrival you will be asked for a BPI Amore card. If you don’t have one, you will be asked to register. If you are using the bathroom, you give your payment to the attendant.

There’s a bathroom and a diaper-changing station.

There are comfy armchairs and sofas in the main lounge area. There’s a separate enclosed room for breastfeeding only, with four La-Z-Boy chairs inside. Three of the chairs are in cubicles that can be closed off with a curtain.

However, there’s no hot water or refrigerator, so you can’t clean your pumps or leave your expressed milk.

Companions can stay in the main lounge area but are not allowed in the breastfeeding area.

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