Breastfeeding stations: Bonifacio High Street, BGC

Did you even know this family lounge existed?

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It’s near the amphitheater. The exact location is between 7th and 5th Ave. There’s a small hallway under Mango Tree, near Hackett London. Go in and you’ll find the Family Lounge.

Still lost? Go to the BHS Amphitheater, near Central Square. Look for the mosaic, the one with the crescent moon. The hallway is right beside it.

It’s free for breastfeeding moms and for those with a BPI Amore card.

There’s a bathroom, hand-washing area and a diaper-changing station. But there’s no hot water or refrigerator, so you can’t clean your pumps or leave expressed milk.

There are comfy chairs in the main lounge area. There are three roomy breastfeeding areas in an enclosed space, each one with a comfy armchair and a curtain for privacy. There are outlets too.

Only female companions are allowed in the breastfeeding area. Male companions can stay in the main lounge area.

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