Nursing rooms in hotels: Crowne Plaza

My friend Grace posted about attending a conference at Crowne Plaza once, and she shared how accommodating and helpful the staff were when she inquired about a place where she could pump milk. I hoped they were still as accommodating when my turn came up.

In January of this year, our company decided to have its kickoff at Crowne Plaza. I emailed to ask where I could pump.


Good morning! I will be attending a workshop at your hotel for the next three days, at rooms Opal and Ruby on the fourth floor.

I am also a breastfeeding mother. I would like to inquire where my colleague and I can go to pump and store breast milk while we are there.


Warm greetings from Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria.

Pertaining to your inquiry kindly be advised that guest may proceed to the clinic of the hotel to pump or you may ask any staff to assist you to check for an available room at the Business CenterĀ thatĀ is also located at the 4th level at the hotel.

+ + + + +

Sure enough, the business center was right beside the function rooms we were using. I approached the serving staff who were attending to us, and they said as far as they knew, the business center was available. When I went there, the manager in charge of the business center was the very same person who had replied to my email, so he was already expecting me.

The rooms in the business center had frosted glass walls, so he was a little worried about my privacy. He led me to a room far into the Business Center, with as few glass walls as possible. He turned on the air-conditioning, and hoped I was comfortable.

The second time I went there, some of the rooms were occupied, so he led me to a different room, and told me to let him know if I needed anything else. I felt very well taken care of!

I hope Crowne Plaza is always so nice to nursing moms.

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