Going local for my skin care and makeup

It’s been over a year since I started taking my skin care and makeup more seriously. I’ve found some pretty awesome products, and some that don’t work for me. I’ve tried different brands and different scents and variants too.

One thing I learned is that experimenting with new products and maintaining a routine can be pretty costly. The Korean stuff works wonders, and a little goes a long way. But I don’t like worrying about what I’ll do if the stuff I need is out of stock, or if the costs become prohibitive.

Sometime last year, I thought, maybe I should switch to local brands. The difference in price varies greatly, depending on the brand and the specific product, but I feel better knowing that my money is supporting a local business.

Aside from the cost, I also feel like local products would be better suited for Filipina skin, and for Philippine weather!

So slowly, we’ve been switching to local brands, not only for my skin care and makeup, but also for some of our bath essentials.

Human Nature


To be honest, some of their products cost more than the other brands I used to buy. But I love the fact that they keep their products as natural as possible. Their different shampoo and conditioner variants work really well for us, and smell so nice. I love the Natyral Healthy Lotion in Powder Love.

I use the Purifying Facial Scrub, Acne Defense Facial wash and Nourishing Facial Fash. I also use the Hydrating Face Toner.


(Check them out at Watson’s.)

I didn’t know this was a local brand! A friend recommended the 24 Hour Tattoo Effect Eyeliner, which really stays put! I just bought Brow Pencil in Dark Brown for only Php 80, and Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Fetish Plum (okay the name of the shade contributed to my decision to buy it, haha) at 50% off!



I’ve been obsessed with finding a peachy cream blush, and so I bought the Rose Stick, only Php 199! It’s not creamy like the Canmake cream blush, so it’s a little hard to apply, but it stays put! I also use the Kiss Stick, in a really nice shade of red.



A friend gave me the DD + CC primer, and it worked like a dream! My makeup really stayed put all day. I bought Mineral Foundation and Concealer, but I haven’t used it very much, so I can’t vouch for it yet.

Skin Genie



I’ve been using the Blindspot Healing Stick for about a year. It seems to help fade acne scars.

Ever Bilena


To be honest, I never really paid this brand much attention. But their eyeshadow palettes work pretty well for me! I have them in Brown and Pink.

What local brands are you using? What works for you?

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