My favorite boy: Humongous Hugh Monggo

It can be scary to observe how quickly Lucas picks up new words.

Sometime last year, he was watching Sesame Studios on YouTube. He stumbled upon Words With Puffballs, and this was one of our favorite episodes.

It was really helpful with building his vocabulary.

Then he started going to play school regularly, and he had school activities and projects, and even homework! One day, his homework was to bring monggo seeds (mung beans?) and a bit of soil to school.

I was so tickled. Didn’t we all have that project when we were kids? Plant a monggo seed in a bit of tissue or cotton, or even soil, and water it, and watch it grow?

So we gave Lucas the seeds and the soil, and he went to school. And we forgot all about it.

A few months later (or was it just weeks? I forget), he came home with this!

I don’t think my monggo plants ever grew this tall!

Lucas said, “Mommy, look, it’s HUMONGOUS!”

And I said, “Yes, it is! Can we call it Hugh? Hugh Monggo? Humongous Hugh Monggo?”

He ignored me and watched TV. I think the plant died within the week. Oh well!

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