Who are your favorite Disney princesses?

Lucas has been watching Frozen almost daily. At night, during his bath, he listens to the Frozen soundtrack on Spotify. Then we listen to different Disney songs. And that got me thinking about my favorite Disney princesses.


I know I watched Cinderella and Snow White when I was a kid, but Beauty and the Beast was probably the first Disney movie I loved watching over and over again. And it was all because of Belle.

Never mind all the PR back then about the amazing computer graphics and that ballroom scene and the chandelier. What I cared about was the Belle was like a real person.

“OMG, she reads!” was what I thought. She was more interested in books than in people.

(I have a classmate who said, the thing she remembers most about me is that I was always sitting in a corner, reading a book.)

She didn’t really care about the big hunk that all the other girls were fawning over. She couldn’t stand the fact that Gaston was a boor and a jock. She stood up to the Beast, and later on she stood up for the Beast too. She was kind to others. (Okay, this last one, I swear I try, but I don’t always succeed!)

I can’t tell you how often I watched this movie. But I can say that I can sing Little Town from start to finish.


I don’t think I had any expectations when I walked into the theater to watch Frozen. I certainly wasn’t expecting to cry throughout the entire movie. I wasn’t expecting a story of beautiful sisterly love. And I definitely wasn’t expecting to adore Anna so much.

I know everybody loves Elsa. Her powers are incredible. I really like how her struggles were written, and I have read about the parallels between Anna’s struggle with hiding her powers, and LGBT struggling with their identities. I love how the movie portrayed her constant anxiety, her fear of, well, people. I think a lot of people could understand how difficult it was to trust that others would understand her struggles.

Also, really, Let It Go is kind of amazing. And fabulous. (Thank you, Idina Menzel!) It’s so cathartic.

Image result for elsa frozen let it go gif

But to be honest, I always loved Anna more.

Image result for anna frozen do you wanna build a snowman gif

I mean, she’s such a dork! And she sleeps with her mouth open! And her hair isn’t perfect!

Image result for anna frozen sleeping gif

She’s clumsy, and she loves to eat.

But I think what I love best about her is her optimism. I mean, she’s faced with a freak snowstorm, and the fact that whoa-my-sister-has-ice-powers, but she still wholeheartedly believes in her sister and their relationship.

I love her “we can do dis” attitude.

Image result for anna frozen take me to north mountain gif

I mean, she’s faced with a giant snow monster, and she throws snow balls at it!

Image result for anna frozen snow monster gif

And in the end, it’s her sacrifice that saves both herself and Anna, and Arendelle, because her love for her sister is a true true love.

Image result for anna frozen ice gif

AND she saves her sister again in Frozen 2!

Image result for elsa and anna frozen 2 you saved me again gif

Also, look at that adorbs ugly cry!


I’m pretty sure I’ve watched most of the Disney princess movies, but for some reason Moana really struck a chord with me.

I love this movie for many reasons. The music is just amazing. I don’t know much about Maori or Polynesian culture, but what I saw in the movie was beautiful and inspiring.

I love the sense of community on the island. I love the strong sense of family, and it’s something I have not seen or felt to this degree in any other Disney movie.

Image result for moana where you are lyrics

And oh my God I love her grandmother! I love their closeness, and I love how Gramma Tala encourages and supports Moana.

Image result for moana grandmother

And this is my favorite thing about Gramma: (I wish I knew who originally wrote this so I could attribute properly.)

Image result for moana grandma it's okay to quit

I love Moana’s struggle, between love for her family and her people, and a longing to see what lies beyond the horizon. I’m not sure why, but it pinches at my heart in a very particular way.

Image result for moana how far i'll go

I love how her journey is not just about satisfying her own need for adventure, but it’s also about saving her people. It’s about listening to the voice in her heart, and being true to herself, and being okay with the fact that you can love different, conflicting things.

And Moana shares many traits with Anna, which is probably why I love them both so much. Moana is determined to do what she set out to do, despite what looks like gargantuan odds. She doesn’t even know how to sail! But she’s full of  “lez do dis” and “I don’t care if you’re a demi-god, I am Moana of Motonui!”

Image result for i am moana of motonui gif

I am beyond happy that so many little girls will grow up learning from Moana’s journey.

To be honest, I haven’t had much chance to think about Te Fiti/Te Ka.

Image result for moana te ka tumlbr

But this is an interesting take on it:

Image result for moana te ka tumlbr

But really, I love Moana. I have so many feelings.

Image result for moana how far i'll go gif

Also, wow, Disney princesses have come a long way. (Looks at how short the Belle section is up there.)

Who’s your favorite Disney princess?


  1. Anna is my current favorite because she’s a (sort of) regular person who just really wants to do what’s right and be there for the people she loves. I still haven’t seen Frozen 2 so I don’t really know her full story thus far, but based on 1 she’s not the one with the powers, or the destiny, or the royal succession, or anything like that. But she cares and she tries, and I feel for that.

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