Quaran-tiis ganda

Most people are vain about one thing or another. Some people are really into their skincare routines. Other people spend copious amounts of time and money on their hair. And there are people who really love makeup.

And then there are people who will do the bare minimum just so they don’t look like they haven’t slept in three years. (raises hand)

I pay a really good stylist for a pricey haircut, so that I only need my hair cut every three months or so.

I used to have a ten-step skincare routine, but now it’s just facial wash + toner + moisturizer.

And I haven’t worn makeup in a week. I wore makeup to last week’s grocery run because I wanted to feel pretty, but it was covered up by my mask and my sunglasses anyway!

Still, there are a couple of things I would really love to do for my vanity once this quarantine is over.


1. I’m going to dye my hair.

I know I’m lazy about haircuts. But I get bored with my hair too. Sometimes I don’t feel like a haircut yet, but I want a change in my look. That’s usually when I pay a visit to the L’Oreal booth in SM Makati.

I was actually all set to dye my hair last month! I sent Roberto a picture of the color and the cut I wanted. The haircut was done. I just needed to make an appointment for the dye job.

Clearly that didn’t happen.


2. I would really love a pedicure.

Yoga is great. What’s not so great though is seeing the state of my nails every time I bend down for a forward fold!


3. Actually, make that a foot spa.

Sure, I have a foot scrub and a pumice stone. But there’s just something so satisfying about sitting back and enjoying a cup of hot tea while reading a back issue of some fashion magazine while someone attacks with that metal thing that scrapes years off your feet.


4. You know what? I might even get my eyebrows done.

My friend Mary Ann still doubles over in laughter when I talk about the one and only time I had my eyebrows threaded. The short version of this story: I was screaming so much and the entire salon was laughing at me.

And yet I have this urge to do it again….


5. Hot yoga

The first time I tried hot yoga at YogaPlus, I nearly fainted. “I didn’t die!” I told people. Of course that just meant I was determined to conquer that damned class. The hell I was going to let a heated room get the better of me.

Also, yes, while I do yoga for my physical and mental health, vanity is a part of it too.


6. While we’re at it, trapeze yoga too!

The first time I tried trapeze yoga at YogaPlus was lovely. The next day, I was in hell.

Of course that just meant I was determined to conquer that damned class too. The hell I was going to let some silk sashes hanging from the ceiling get the better of me.


7. I’m going to hoard CosRX pimple patches.

I’ve been breaking out, and I’m running low on pimple patches. NGL, I’m starting to panic.


What are you going to do for your vanity once this nightmare is over?

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