Quarantummy: Easy dinners

We can be pretty lazy. Sometimes our dinner is a picnic in the living room.

This weekend, Saturday night dinner was chicken and lettuce wraps, and Sunday night dinner was sausage sandwiches.

I realize that, for other people, these DIY dinners still require some effort. But for us, the biggest selling point, really, is the fact that we spend very little time over a hot stove.

Chicken and lettuce wraps

I love this meal because it’s so easy, and you basically make what you want to eat!

I got the idea from Cooking Light. I suggested it to the family, and everyone was game to try it! So when Oneal and I got groceries, we bought:

  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Roast chicken (Andok’s!)

At home, my mom shredded the chicken while I toasted the tortillas on a dry pan on the stove. We washed the lettuce, and peeled and chopped the cucumber. Then we set out a ton of condiments: mayonnaise, two kinds of mustard, two kinds of hot sauce, crunchy garlic chips, cheese squares, cream cheese.

I took a tortilla and added a lettuce leaf. Then I sprinkled the chicken inside, and I added cucumber pieces. Then I added a piece of sliced cheese, some cream cheese, and some hot mustard. Oh, what joy! In my second tortilla, I added crunchy garlic chips!

Lucas was happy with tortilla, cheese and chicken. My brother, who isn’t normally big on vegetables, conceded that the cucumber added a nice crunch.

Sausage sandwiches

We love sausages! My mom makes this dish with sausage, potatoes and butter, and it’s always a hit. Sometimes we have burger nights, and my mom was thinking, maybe one of these days we could have a hotdog night.

But we sometimes have hotdogs for breakfast, so I thought, well why not sausages?

So we bought:

  • three different kinds of sausages
  • hotdog buns
  • sauerkraut

Again, minimal cooking involved. All we had to do was grill the sausages and toast the bread! Of course, condiments galore: mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce, crunchy garlic chips, cheese squares, cream cheese. We had some leftover lettuce from the chicken wraps, so we had those too.

What are your easy dinner ideas?

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