Vanity in the pandemic: Do you still dress up?

Heart Evangelista recently posted a video about all the beautiful outfits she had planned for the year, all wasted. “Love it! Couldn’t wear it,” she said of each gorgeous ensemble.

I don’t have as many clothes and shoes as Heart, I’m sure. I suspect the cost of my entire closet isn’t even a fraction of the price tags on her clothes. And let’s not even start on her makeup, shoes and accessories!

But like Heart, I do love dressing up. I love costumes. I love pretty dresses. I love boots and jackets. I love earrings and rings, necklaces and bracelets. But, like Heart, I have nowhere to go. The grocery, sure. The pharmacy, maybe. The ATM. That’s about it.

But now I have nowhere to go. No conferences, no cocktails. No press conferences or meetings. No parties or nights out. All my pretty clothes are sitting in the closet, unused. All day, I wear workout clothes, sports bras and leggings, rubber shoes, dri-fit everything. Sometimes I’m wearing Decathlon apparel from head to toe, literally. On lazy days, I wear dasters. I rarely wear jeans now. If I have to go out, I usually wear sneakers or rubber shoes, because I expect to walk. Most of the time, it’s shorts and skirts for me. Dri-fit tops and bra-tops. Short dresses that go well with my rubber shoes. Whatever’s comfortable. I mean, who’s going to see my outfits, anyway? Sigh.

Occasionally, I have reason to dress up. Over the pandemic, I’ve attended two weddings via Zoom. I’ve hosted events for work. And yes, we still dressed up for Halloween!

I’d really like more excuses to dress up. So one of these days, I’m probably going to post on Instagram: All dressed up and nowhere to go.

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  1. We’ve all done it at some point…. I think there’s no better feeling than dressing up only to sit back and relax on your couch. The perks? No-one to judge you and the opportunity to capture a great look with a photoshoot


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