Isolation Staycation: Let’s hope it’s just the flu.

April 7

On Monday (April 5) I woke up feeling fairly miserable. My throat hurt, and I was very sniffly. I also had a headache and some dizziness. I took antihistamines, had tea with honey, and felt so groggy that I took a rare daytime nap. I survived the day with White Flower.

Tuesday was marginally better. I was still sniffly. My sore throat didn’t hurt as much. But the headache and nausea were still there. I was still downing antihistamines like there’s no tomorrow. 

Wednesday (April 7) was much the same. I went to The Medical Clinic in SM Masinag for my appointment with the cardiologist, and to pick up my 2D echo results. As with every visit, I filled up a health declaration form, where patients are required to indicate if they have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms over the past two weeks. They saw that I had indicated a sore throat and a headache, and said, apologetically, that they couldn’t let me in. They asked how long I had been experiencing the symptoms, and they explained that they had to be strict with the protocols. 

The Medical City telemedicine poster

I suppose they were expecting me to make a fuss, to protest. They seemed quite relieved when I said I understand completely. They advised me to go home and isolate for 14 days, and to schedule a telemedicine consultation. They said I would have to reschedule my cardiologist appointment. 

“Okay, no problem. Naiintindihan ko naman. Salamat!” I told them. I went about my errands and went home. 

At home, we started isolation procedures. I took a shower, and set aside all my clothes and bags for washing, separate from the rest of the laundry. I sanitized everything I had brought with me when I was outside. We set aside plates, bowls and utensils for my exclusive use, and my husband set aside a sponge and some dish soap for washing them separately from all the dishes and utensils that everyone else used. I packed up some clothes and toiletries, my work things, medicines and other essentials, and I moved into my brother’s room.

Selfie with face mask
Isolation, day 1

(Learn more about COVID home care here: video, notes.)

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