Isolation Staycation: Just a few more days

April 13

To be honest, it’s not so terrible to be back in isolation, after my brief taste of freedom. This time around, we are confident that we are not sick. This time around, there is an end in sight. This time around, we’ve figured out how to cope.

Though I’m in the bedroom and they’re in the kitchen, I get to join them for mealtimes–via Google Meet. I remember my manager at work, Polly, telling our team that this is how she spends time with her husband while she’s in Hong Kong and he’s in Manila: they have a video call and have dinner together.

When Oneal brings me food, Lucas tags along, knocking loudly on the door and calling out, “Room service!” In the morning, Lucas knocks loudly on the door and greets me, and in the evening he comes over to say good night. After school he comes over to show me his drawings. Each time, I wear my mask and stay at least six feet away. Each time, as he walks away, he calls out cheerfully, “I love you! I miss you!” 

Proof of (fill in the blank)

It’s hard to sleep at night, but I force myself to turn off the lights, and I listen to music or guided meditation. I force myself to stop working when I need to eat, and I remind myself that there’s a perfectly good TV right here, and I can finally finish season two of Outlander

I should probably watch John Wick 2, and finish season one of Altered Carbon, and finish all the other things I can’t watch with Lucas around. 

It’s just a few more days. At least now we know we’re all okay.

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