Around the World With Lucas & Friends

I’m really sad that we can’t travel, and we can’t bring our son anywhere. He’s so curious about the world, and every time he sees a picture or a video about a fascinating place, he asks, “Can we go there?”

So, I thought, maybe we can bring those places to him!

Walking around in Pinto with Lucas

First, I was thinking of asking friends to send short videos to our son Lucas. But I realize so many of our friends and their kids are stuck here too, and I thought the other kids would enjoy the videos too. 

If it’s not too much trouble, and you don’t mind helping out frazzled parents and children in lockdown, I would really love your help with this project. 

Are you in? Thank you for being part of Around the World with Lucas & Friends

Here’s what you can do

  1. Look at the talking points below. Choose three you would like to talk about.
  2. Prepare any props, food, pictures, pieces of clothing, etc., that you want to talk about in your video.
  3. Get ready to shoot! 
  4. Start with, “Hi! I’m ______ and I live in ________.”
  5. Talk about the country where you live. Please answer these questions:
    1. What is the country like? 
    2. Describe the land. Are there a lot of mountains or deserts? Beaches? Forests? 
    3. What is the weather like? Sunny? Snowy? Windy? Rainy?
  6. Go ahead with the talking points you selected! Keep it short and snappy — you know kids and their attention spans! 
  7. If you’re done, please upload to Google Drive

Talking points: Please choose three at most!

  • What are the people like?
    • What language do they speak? Maybe you can say a few words or sentences in the language, or show the local writing.
    • What clothes do they wear? Can you show a picture or an example? 
  • What are the foods people eat?
    • What’s your favorite? 
  • What do you like about the country?
    • Is there a major landmark that is interesting?
    • Do you want to share something about the country’s history?
  • What animals can you find in that country?
  • What is your house like? Give us a tour.
  • Is there something really interesting you want to show? Maybe some ruins, a beautiful lake, a lush forest, unused train tracks, something? 
  • What do kids like in that country?
    • Are there kids in your neighborhood or household? Can they say hi to Lucas and his friends?
    • What games or toys do kids like to play? 
    • Are there any local cartoons or shows that kids like? 
  • If you visit me, I will… (place you want to take the child, food you want them to try, something you want them to experience)


Not everyone is comfortable talking in front of a camera, even if it’s a camera on their phone, and that’s okay!

  • Wear something bright and colorful.
  • Keep your answers short but descriptive. 
  • Don’t worry if you make a mistake! Just laugh and say, “Oops, sorry! Let me try again.” 

Thank you so much. I hope one day we can visit you for real! 

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