#FitnessTita: Around the World

When I was on my Isolation Staycation, I say with some embarrassment that I overdid the exercising. Not only was I working out every day, sometimes I worked out twice a day. I was bored! The privacy was awesome, as was the freedom to watch everything I wanted. But being cooped up in a little room for ten days took its toll, and I needed to move.

I also found myself getting tired of the same old workout videos, so I looked for different HIIT, Zumba and yoga videos. I searched for new warmup and cool down tutorials. I wanted different teachers and different bodies. Don’t get me wrong. I love love love Yoga With Adriene. But sometimes I need something else.

And YouTube did not disappoint!

Titas of Hanoi

It took me a few days to figure out where they were. I had to take a screen shot and zoom in to read the address in the back, and only then did I figure out that they’re in Hanoi!

One of the reasons I enjoy this class is because the participants are clearly not professional dancers or performers. Some of them look like aunties who run their own business and can only manage an hour a week for this class. Some of them look like girls in their twenties. Some look bored. Some look confused as they follow the teacher’s steps. Yes, I am totally making up stories about these people.

Dovydas and the Fighter Titas of Lithuania

I found this because I was looking for a Zumba video with a slow song, one that I could use for my cool-down. Dovydas Veiverys is a Zumba instructor in Lithuana. I’m not too fond of the rest of his videos, but his warm-up and cool-down videos are my favorites. Also, the other dancers in his videos look like they could kick your ass. Like, in a Black Widow sort of way.

Party Titas of Manila

I think I have written about Live Love Party before. I love their energy and their big smiles. They just look like they’re always having fun! The 90s mix is my favorite, but I like Havana and SeƱorita when I need something slower. Then I switch to Bboom Bboom for something silly and fast-paced.

Got any favorite Zumba videos or channels? Let me know in the comments!

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