Love in many forms

I don’t remember where or when I first encountered the term, but recognizing the love languages of different people you can be so immensely helpful.

Some people show love with their words (definitely me). Others prefer touch. Some like acts of service. Others still enjoy giving gifts.

I do love giving gifts. I love hunting for the perfect present, finding the perfect color or size or fit, wrapping it creatively But I think my first instinct is acts of service. I see you struggling with something, and without thinking I will offer to help. Sometimes without saying anything, I’ll just go ahead and do something that I think you need or will make your life easier. (Granted, this last one can lead to misunderstandings so explanations are important!)

I love receiving gifts that are clearly carefully thought out, gifts that are labors of love, like a well-cooked meal or something especially made for me. And this is why I was absolutely stunned and immensely grateful when I got this Christmas gift from my dear friend Judy (vote for her on Smart Parenting!):

So precious is the knowledge that this gesture, “my simple gift,” she called it, captures what I thought was a simple gesture–hugging those who needed it. It is so precious that, in showing her love, she captures my love for my son. Perhaps more precious is knowing that Judy drew this as her own little loved one slept.

I am eternally grateful for the ones who share their love with me, their talents, their affection. Always, I feel unworthy, and I wonder what I could possibly have done to deserve such endearment. Then I stop my wandering mind and my tireless thoughts, and instead I do my best to give back as much love as I receive.

Love comes to you in so many forms. May you have eyes to see it, and the will to give back and more.

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