Mantle: My part of the story

When I was working as Managing Editor of Mantle Magazine, #YesImWorking was a hashtag that needed to accompany most of my social media posts. To most people, it probably looked like I was just having fun and drinking all the time!

Okay, I was drinking on the job a lot of the time, and let me tell you, it was part of the job!

When I was young, probably in high school, I dreamed of being a globe-trotting magazine editor. That was the exact phrase.

Many times, when I was working for Probe Media Foundation, Inc., I found myself thinking, well I’m doing the globe-trotting part. When I was at Mantle, I thought, aha, here’s the magazine editor bit!

It started with my friend Aurelio asking me to do a story on the burlesque scene in Manila. I mean, how do you say no to that?

So, sex, check. Sex toys too!

Alcohol, definitely check. There was so much exquisite food, often accompanied with lovely, lovely wine.

Fast cars, there were plenty! I found myself on a race track in Clark, and gawking at beautiful fast cars even though I didn’t always understand how they worked.

I met so many beautiful people, including Henry Cavill (oh my God that voice) and Ambra Gutierrez. I made it to a reenactment of a historical battle, as well as many amazing shows that shook me to the core and broke my heart and brought back memories.

There were times when we went from fashion shoot to spa treatment in a single day.

Yes, that’s me.

So yeah, it was lots of fun!

But it did not last. While I was grateful for the chance to fulfill the dreams I had as a young girl, the woman I had become needed something else. In the end, I left the glitz and glamor, the drinks and the fast cars, the fashionable and the famous, for quieter work behind the scenes, with much less pomp and flash, but no less impact or value.

I do miss all those lovely drinks. Maybe I’ll find myself hopping around the world again someday, and maybe I’ll write about it. Who knows.

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