Birthdays across the stars

We’ve been together so long that sometimes I forget how long it’s been. The years sort of blend together, the days flow into one another, the memories mix and match.


It’s been nearly twenty years (I had to check–with a calculator), but some memories stand out, beacons shining brightly, hardly dimming despite the passage of time.

There were a few years when I managed a surprise for your birthday, every year. One was a surprise party in your own house, with the cooperation of your dear mom, bless her soul. Another year, it was a surprise party at Yale. I know your surprise birthday at Star Wars Celebration is one of your favorites; I got someone to announce your birthday, and 501st members from around the world–including more than a few Star Wars celebrities!–sang you a Happy Birthday.

We’ve spent birthdays at the movies and at buffets, or exploring new foods and new experiences. Sometimes we explore new places. Sometimes we just want to hang out with friends, have pizza, go ice skating. Sometimes we just want a nice meal with family. Sometimes we just want to do nothing.


To be honest, sometimes I’m not sure if the celebration I remember is your birthday, or mine, or our anniversary. Now that we have the Child, memories of his birthday add to the confusion too!

The memories may blur, the details lost in history, but many things remain the same. We still love to laugh together. We find joy in the simplest things, and fascination with the complicated ones. We love good food and we love exploring. And it’s a joy that we can share all of those things with the Child, no matter whose birthday it is.

But today, I’m sure, it’s your day. Today, I know every birthday will always be full of good cheer and good eats, no matter where we are, how old we are, whatever the state of the world.

Happy Birthday, love.


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